Respected Businessman and Conservative Activist Gary Gates Endorses Greg Travis for District G

October 26, 2015 – Today Greg Travis proudly announces his endorsement by respected businessman and conservative activist Gary Gates.

“As a businessman myself with over 4,000 apartments in and around the City of Houston, I am proud to support Greg Travis for Houston City Council. I have known Greg for years and know him to be a true conservative, both fiscally and socially.  Greg understands the needs of all the residents in District G – from neighborhoods and citizens, to small businesses and large corporations. He will be a strong advocate on City Council for fiscal responsibility, ensuring your hard-earned tax dollars are not wasted away by reckless over-spending. Join me in supporting Greg Travis and help elect a bold leader to Houston City Council.”
- Gary Gates

Gary Gates is a businessman, devoted family man, and principled conservative. With a strong belief in capitalism and a commitment to entrepreneurship, Gary started Gatesco, Inc. and built it from the ground up. Today, Gatesco owns over 4,000 multi-family residential units and, as CEO, Gary helps provide jobs to more than 200 Texans. Gary is very active in his community, Republican clubs, and the Conservative movement. Gary has served as a delegate for the State Party Convention since 2002 and he has been a member on several committees during each of the last six convention cycles. He founded the Texas Citizens Coalition, a group dedicated to ensuring the business climate and individual liberty that Texans value would remain the same for future generations. Gary and his wife Melissa have thirteen children, eleven of whom were adopted, including some with special needs and others having spent their early lives in the Texas foster care system. They are active members of Grace Community Bible Church.

"I am honored to have the support and endorsement of Gary Gates. Gary and I have known each other for years and share the same conservative principles. A businessman like myself, Gary knows what it takes to run a successful business and has a clear understanding of the relationship between business and the vibrant economy needed to provide sufficient resources for our local government so they can, in turn, provide our basic services. We both know that a limited government, a less intrusive government, is better for citizens and businesses alike.  When I am on City Council I will be a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and conservative values."
- Greg Travis