Kingwood TEA Party Endorses Greg Travis for District G!

Kingwood TEA Party Endorses Greg Travis for Houston City Council District G

September 25, 2015 – Today Greg Travis proudly announces his endorsement by the Kingwood TEA Party.

"The Kingwood TEA Party is proud to support Greg Travis for Houston City Council District G. During our vetting of candidates for City Council, Greg Travis stood out as a fighter who shares the Kingwood TEA Party’s commitment to halting the excessive and irresponsible spending of tax payers’ money by City Hall. With Greg Travis on City Council, Houston City Government will add a strong advocate to finally focus on the priorities – repairing the roads, fixing the drainage issues, and keeping our neighborhoods safe."
- Jim Lennon, Co-Founder of the Kingwood TEA Party

The Kingwood TEA Party is one of Houston's leading grassroots organization, comprised of concerned citizens who value the principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government. The Kingwood TEA Party actively promotes our country's return to the principles of the Founding Fathers through educational efforts aimed at informing voters of our nation's history and the traditional role of government.

"I am proud to have the endorsement of such an activist group as the Kingwood TEA Party, whose name is a misnomer in and of itself as they are a regional powerhouse in and around the City of Houston. The Kingwood TEA Party is the only tea party organization within the Houston area actively engaged in the local community. Their reach and influence extends throughout the Gulf Coast area due to their commitment to core constitutional values and fiscal discipline. I share the Kingwood TEA Party's core values of fiscal discipline, personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, and adherence to the Constitution. When I am on council, I will stand by these principles while fighting for the taxpayers' interests and serving as their watchdog."
- Greg Travis