Joseph McReynolds Endorses Greg Travis for District G

Joseph McReynolds Endorses Greg Travis

Republican Activist, Businessman, and Lifelong District G Resident Joseph McReynolds endorses
Greg Travis for Houston City Council District G!

September 9, 2015 – Today Greg Travis proudly announces his endorsement by Joseph McReynolds.

"As a lifelong resident of District G, having lived and worked inside the loop, in the Tanglewood and Memorial areas, and as far west as Dairy Ashford, I am very familiar with the fabric of the neighborhoods and businesses that comprise this most prolific part of Houston.  District G is home to many of our city's safest neighborhoods, most successful businesses, and most effective community leaders, all of which do not need decisions handed down from City Hall but an advocate on Houston City Council who will advance our broad array of interests.  For too long, the corrupt culture of politics in our municipal government has put special interests ahead of the priorities of taxpayers and residents, evidenced in part by ever growing debt and deficits at City Hall and the ever deteriorating condition of streets and drainage in our neighborhoods.  Greg Travis will be an effective, independent voice on Houston City Council who will provide the people of District G a place at the table worthy of our contributions as taxpayers and our expectations as citizens.  That's why I'm proud to endorse Greg Travis for Houston City Council District G."
- Joseph McReynolds

Joseph McReynolds is a business owner and real estate investor, longtime Republican activist, lifelong resident of District G, and fourth generation Houstonian.  McReynolds is co-founder of Spring Branch Republicans, a former campaign manager for Congressman John Culberson, a member of the Finance Committee of Ted Cruz for President, and is a Harris County Republican Party Precinct Chair.  Joseph McReynolds is also a past president of the Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston's oldest cultural organization, and a past president of the Lafayette Place Home Owners Association in the East Memorial area.

"I am honored and pleased to have the endorsement of such an indispensable activist as Joseph McReynolds. His dedication to this city, this district, the Republican Party, and conservative causes is unequaled and without question. He knows the district inside and out. He knows what it will take to instill the fiscal discipline so badly needed in our great city. As a business leader, he understands what is required to run a business and grow the economy. I am glad he took the time to get to know the candidates running for this position and honored that he chose to endorse me. With his help and others like him, we will drain the swamp that is City Hall and restore common sense solutions to the issues facing the city. No more social engineering, but rather a focus on the priorities --- stopping the spending which drives us further into debt so we can concentrate on our roads and drainage issues."
- Greg Travis