Houston Chronicle Endorses Greg Travis

Houston Chronicle Endorses
Greg Travis for District G

September 28, 2015 – The Houston Chronicle, Houston’s major newspaper, has endorsed Greg Travis for Houston City Council-District G saying that he will “work tirelessly to identify budget excesses and to fix them.” The Chronicle looked to his “excellent resume and knowledge of government” when making the endorsement stating that he, a conservative, is best suited for the position.
"I am very pleased with the endorsement. While I don’t always see eye to eye with the Chronicle or its Editorial Board, I do know we share a vision for the city whereby Houston serves as a model, not an example, for other cities to follow. I am glad the Chronicle recognizes I will be a fierce advocate not only for District G, but the entire city. I will fight to ensure the safety of our citizens and reduce spending, but still focus on our infrastructure—making sure we fill the potholes, pave our streets, and increase our drainage systems. I am pleased to see the Houston Chronicle recognizes that I will work hard to solve the fiscal dilemma in which we find ourselves. I will work diligently to dig Houston out of the financial hole we are in while ensuring the city provides those core services which will allow Houston to be and remain a great city of opportunity by which we can live and raise our families."
- Greg Travis