Penny Butler Endorses Greg Travis for District G

July 7, 2015 – Today Greg Travis proudly announced his endorsement by Penny Butler, former Republican National Committeewoman and former president of the Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women.  Penny and her husband, John Butler, are longtime District G residents and respected community leaders who have personally met and evaluated the candidates in the race and are proudly supporting Greg Travis for City Council District G.


“I’m not looking for another politician seeking a new seat. I’m with Greg because he’s right on the issues and represents our neighborhoods, not the political establishment.

"Listening to Greg Travis speak compellingly about the issues we face, I know he’s studied the facts, he’s listening to us, and he’s ready to get to City Council and act decisively for us.”

Penny Butler, District G, Precinct 434

Greg Travis is a longtime District G homeowner and business owner.  He is an active community volunteer and a respected, effective west Houston attorney.  Greg is campaigning for the open District G because he is tired of business as usual at City Hall and will put to work for the citizens of District G his 24+ years of experience as an advocate effectively representing and fighting for his clients.  Once elected, Greg Travis will be that strong advocate the taxpayers and neighborhoods of District G need. 

For more information on Greg Travis and his campaign for bold, effective leadership